63% of Americans declare that a third major party is needed.

The Revolution Party champions causes important to ALL OF US – Left, Right, and Center.

Our honest, PUBLIC SERVANT candidates will run for President, every House seat, and all 34 open Senate seats in 2024.

For the first time in history, you’ll have the chance to vote for a government that serves the PEOPLE, not the Ultra-rich and their Corporations.

Vision for America

There’s no US versus THEM, just one people united by a common goal. We wake up excited every day. It’s the best day of our lives, because every day we’re working TOGETHER to make life better. Hope has replaced fear. Passion has replaced depression. The whole country has come alive. We look out for each other, because we realize we’re all the same. Our Government works FOR us. SEE THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE!

How the Second American Revolution Will Transform America

October 16, 2023


By the American People

It has once again become necessary to reclaim our sovereignty from those who oppress us, and restore a truly UNITED States of America. ALL PEOPLE are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with the fundamental human rights of Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness. Government exists for the sole purpose of securing these rights.

These rights will soon be taken from us unless we fulfill certain RESPONSIBILITIES:

Be informed of the important issues of the day, and vote in every election for candidates who honestly represent the people.

Create UNITY through kindness, compassion, and respect for all points of view.

Support independent media, free from corporate and government influence, to diligently watch and challenge our elected leaders to ensure they serve the People.

We, therefore, the People of America, UNITE and declare that we are free from the corrupt rule of the Republican and Democratic parties and their corporate overlords, that we may return to a government OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People, forevermore.

Sign the New Declaration of Independence

Let your fellow Americans know that you support this movement, without the annoying worry
that King George may hang you.

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Foundational Principles
We're here to remind you that THE PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE POWER! The corruption that underlies our government and corporations poisons everything, and it's ELIMINATED BY THREE VOTES FROM YOU – for President, Senator, and your Congressional Representative.

We can't sit back and wait for government or somebody else to save us. We need to STAND UP and RECLAIM OUR COUNTRY. Hold the vision of a Bright American Future in your mind, and TAKE ACTIONS EVERY DAY to bring it into existence. Look upon your fellow Americans with kindness and affection. Ask what you can do to make life better for your family, neighbors, and co-workers – we're all in this together.

The Second American Revolution is about putting our differences aside to foster UNITY by seeing that we all want Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness, and we agree on most things. The time for incremental changes is over. Only the bold changes of REVOLUTION will save us now. Do you think America can continue rotting with corruption and infighting, and thrive? Ask the citizens of the Roman Empire how that worked out for them.
Government Corruption
The whole premise of the Revolution is to elect honest public servants. Beyond that, we’ll launch a massive whistleblower campaign to weed out corrupt career bureaucrats. People don’t commit these crimes in isolation. Other people know. Look at Harvey Weinstein abusing women for decades in Hollywood. The whole town knew!

Corporate money in politics has destroyed our prosperity by selling the government to the highest bidders. READ MY LIPS: No corporate money in politics. And no Super PACs where billionaires can give unlimited money to influence election results.

I was utterly disgusted to watch Biden brag about signing a law to negotiate the prices Medicare pays for a measly 10 drugs, when we overpay compared to other countries by TENS OF BILLIONS for THOUSANDS of drugs. AND, the new prices won’t go in effect until 2026. HELL NO. New law on day one: We negotiate on ALL drugs and new prices go into effect IMMEDIATELY.

This mind-boggling corruption between government and Big Pharma needs to end NOW. They have 3 LOBBYISTS for every member of congress. Let ‘em have 10. Because we’re done selling out our country. Are you furious yet? You’re not powerless anymore. The ONLY thing you have to do is vote for the Revolution, and this ends – instantly. BELIEVE WE CAN.
I call Bidenomics "Widenomics", because while corporate profits continue to rise, wealth is steadily transferred from the People to the Ultra-rich, as it has been for decades. One-income households used to thrive, then purchasing power deteriorated to where you needed two incomes. Pretty soon we’re gonna need Threesome marriages in order to survive. And no, you pervs out there, it’s not hot when you’re poor. It's time for the People to reclaim our fair share of the wealth our labor creates.

Hedge Funds are buying up houses like they’re Taylor Swift tickets, jacking up home prices and rent for everyone. How can a young person hope to afford to buy a house now, which is the biggest factor in building wealth? Home ownership is the cornerstone of the American Dream, but these corporations have turned it into the American REAM. We will PROHIBIT corporations from buying homes. Let them make their money another way, while we restore the basic right of home ownership. And we’ll incentivize builders to build much-needed affordable homes as well.

America was built on INNOVATION. Think of Henry Ford applying the Assembly Line to car-making. It was so efficient that he could pay his workers twice the day's typical salary, which made the Middle Class, so they were able to buy cars and fuel the economy. Efficiencies allowed the average work week to be reduced to 40 hours in 1940. If we can find 20% more efficiency, we could move to four day work weeks, or increase wages by 25%. We will institute a culture of relentless innovation.
Foreign Policy and War
War is disgusting. Revenge is a poison. Wars have displaced 100 MILLION people from their homes. Innocent soldiers and civilians are SLAUGHTERED daily. We're all one humanity. It's time in our evolution to declare that settling differences with bloodshed must end, and use America's power to insist on peaceful conflict resolution.

Our military assures our continued safety and world leadership. Future wars against near-peer adversaries will be won not by a million boots on the ground, but with cyberattacks, satellite warfare, EMPs, and high-tech weapons. Ask Hiroshima and Nagasaki the importance of having the best technology. The first country to develop Force Field technology, for example, can rule the world. Nobody could strike them. It WILL be invented – sooner or later. Let's make that country be America.

When America's revolution at the ballot box succeeds, we'll show the people of the world that they, too, can reclaim their countries. We want to make new best friends of Mexico, Cuba, Latin America, Africa, and beyond. We'll build a peaceful and prosperous coalition of nations who work together for the benefit of our PEOPLE. And if countries like China continue to exploit their people to chase national glory, our coalition will decouple from them and let them wallow in a cesspool of their own making. Remember – we beat the Cold War Soviets economically, not militarily.
Border Policy and Immigration
This seemingly-complex topic can be solved in two sentences:

  1. A person crosses our border only when we KNOW and APPROVE of it.
  2. We have a well-thought-out plan for how people are granted visas to live and work in our country, that benefits America first.
There is NO REASON for anyone who doesn’t already have the legal right to enter the US to come ANYWHERE NEAR our border. It’s that simple. We have immigration offices throughout the world where people can and do apply for visas, and claim asylum. No need for them to show up on our front porch.

When people understand that they have a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE of entry if they show up uninvited, they’ll stop coming. It’s not rocket science. It’s the same for people trying to sneak across the border illegally to live or traffic deadly drugs – we can equip and fund our Border Patrol to make that impossible. It’s shocking and inexcusable that we haven’t already done this.
Environment and Energy Strategy
Care to guess the Number 2 worldwide killer behind Heart Attacks? Protesting your government in Iran? Close. It's air pollution, at 7 million people annually. For our health and the health of the planet, the most important thing we can do is implement alternatives to fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

We will devote YUGE resources toward new energy technology research. This is more important than our race to the moon in the 1960s. We'll resource it accordingly. As one example, Geothermal could provide for ALL of our electricity needs – steam can run all our power plant generators. We simply need to be able to drill a hole 12 miles into the earth to unlock the required heat. One company, Quaise, is just a few years away from this. Maybe we can find a way to beat that timeline.

In the meantime, let's make America “energy independent” now that we can produce as many barrels of oil as we use. Today we export millions of barrels a day, only to import millions more from other countries, because our refineries can't all process the American oil type ("light sweet"). Let's retool some refineries, so when OPEC cuts production to jack up prices, they won’t have us – “over a barrel”. Oh yes I did. I'm a dad. I can do Dad jokes.
Reduce Crime and Focus on Families
Why do people commit crimes? A huge reason is the 20 million (25%) of children without the support of a Father, who account for 85% of child behavioral disorders and 70% of drug abusers. We need to put our focus on supporting at-risk Fathers and children. We can easily fund this with the TENS OF BILLIONS we'd save on our $100 Billion annual criminal justice costs.

THIS is how we lessen crime. Crime is symptom, not the root problem. If you pull up a weed without getting the root, it keeps coming back. Our criminal justice system focuses on PUNISHMENT, when it should focus on RAHIBILITATION. People who commit crimes need our help the MOST. They usually have tough childhoods, and need to be taught how to live differently in society, and be given a chance.

This is SO OBVIOUS as a way to not only make society safer, but to help our brothers and sisters who need it. AND IT PAYS FOR ITSELF! Bro! When we change our focus to COMPASSION and REHABILITIATION, we revolutionize the outcome for America.
I recently spent an hour helping my 10th grade daughter learn how to bisect and subtract geometry angles using paper, pencil, and a compass – a true waste of human life – while China builds hypersonic missiles to destroy our Carrier Battle Group in the Pacific. The majority of what schools teach our kids has NO VALUE to them. I studied Computer Engineering at a Top-3 university, and 80% of what I had to study was WORTHLESS to my career. I could have graduated in a YEAR, with NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT.

We need to revamp K-12 and college education to teach kids what ACTUALLY MATTERS. College major programs should be designed with input from top industry leaders, to teach what is truly necessary, saving tremendous time and expense. K-12 kids need to learn how to think, and emotional intelligence, in addition to traditional subjects.

We have a tremendous opportunity to raise happier, more confident children, who also have the job skills we need to remain the world's leading economy. Right now we're failing miserably at both, and saddling our college grads with a mountain of unnecessary debt. It would be so easy to fix!
Technology Supremacy
We are the world's lone Superpower because of our superior technology, which drives our economy. We will heavily invest in research into the technologies that will drive our security and prosperity for the next 100 years – Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Quantum Computing, and Robotics.

To Illustrate the benefits of technology – When the Revolution succeeds, everyone gets a free AI Sex Robot with no inhibitions and customizable booty size. They'll also do light housework in a sexy man-thong or French Maid outfit. And I'm gonna get Mexico to pay for them.
INNOVATION – Eliminate Stolen Election Concerns
We can eliminate stolen election concerns easily.

All eligible voters get a state-issued voter ID with a random ID number. Once all votes are counted in an election, the state immediately publishes the votes of every person for all to see. Since everyone's Voter ID is random, there's no privacy concern, and everyone can verify that their votes were recorded accurately. SOLVED. (mic drop)
INNOVATION – Reduce Abortions by 90% with No Laws
No matter your stance on abortion, we can all agree that every abortion is a very sad event.

According to a study cited by the National Institute of Health, 95% of unplanned pregnancies are caused by not using contraception consistently or using it improperly, resulting in 1.3 million abortions annually. Are you surprised to learn this, or facts like Plan B pills are only 87% effective, and oddly less so if you weigh over 165 pounds? Did you know that the best emergency contraceptive is a copper IUD within days? Or that most antibiotics don't affect birth control, but herbal supplements like St. John’s Wort might?

An awareness campaign with everyone learning the facts, and FOCUSING on the consistent and proper use of birth control, and REPORTING THE RESULTS to motivate us, could eliminate 90+% of abortions. What a wonderful thing! We can get influencers to promote it, and have a campy slogan contest for fun. Here are my entries:

Wrap it before you tap it
Take your pill before the thrill
Rhythm is for dancin', not for romancin'
Be sure you’ve got protection, before the hot beef injection
Before you let him ride, make sure your tubes are tied
Get an IUD, so one plus one isn’t three

A little attention on opportunities like this can lead to incredible improvements in our lives. Let's start a culture of FOCUS and INNOVATION in America!


The first phase of our campaign is BUILDING AWARENESS and FUNDRAISING. To succeed, we
need help from people like YOU.